Another Post Touting the Great Marketing Weapon of USP (SUBWAY sandwiches uses this to great effect)

I will be posting a lot about USP in the following days ahead, because after 4 years of doing consulting work with small and medium sized businesses, I find that this one thing is still most under-represented. 


As I explained in the earlier post, USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition.

It’s a way of explaining your position, against all competition, and against all other possible choices to the customer.


It is also , according to marketing great Dan Kennedy, a way of summarizing and telegraphing one of the main benefits of the business, product, or service being marketed.

Do you know the great Subway (sandwich company) also uses this USP strategy to great effect? It’s competitors are aplenty. Think other fast food chains. 

McDonalds, KFC, Taco Bell etc. But the way Subway differentiated itself was via touting itself as a WEIGHT-LOSS solution. Think about it! Since when was a fast food chain touting fat loss as one of its chief benefits??

Apparently, a certain Jared who lost 245 pounds eating nothing but fast food – Subway sandwiches twice a day for almost a year. He went from a 425-pound couch potato to a 180-pound daily walker.

Imagine that! More about the great usage of this USP can be read here, titled “The Subway Diet”


You’d better figure out your USP soon.


Feel free to email me for help if you’re still lost (it’s free!)

We just want to build a big happy marketing family =)