Facebook Experiment Proves My Hunch Right

I had a hunch. That my Google Adwords clicks were getting more expensive and is getting lesser engagement time from that particular source.

The lass few days, I tried another source of traffic- Paid Facebook Ads.

Guess what? Look at the attached picture.


1) My visitors originating from FB stayed LONGER than the supposedly “targeted” google clicks.

2) My BOUNCE rates were LOWER from FB ads than Google ads.

3) My click costs were LOWER on FB than Google- Average of 10 cents on Fb versus 45 cents on Google.

Well, this isn’t conclusive enough for my testing purposes- But it does prove some things….

That Facebook can be a good tool for alternative sources of traffic, especially when Google traffic has been maxed out.

That said, try it out! Leave me a message, I’ll be happy to help you sort out your own FB campaign!