Here’s a proven routine that you can adopt daily, that will nearly GUARANTEE a doubling or tripling in income for you in 180 days.

I’ll be running the Business Bootcamp over the weekend so I wanted to release some content here first before I get too busy over the weekend.

Here’s a proven routine that you can adopt daily, that will nearly GUARANTEE a doubling or tripling in income for you in 180 days.

Everyday, do these 5 things.

Dedicate yourself to this.

But it’s hard work.

Are you willing to put in the hard work?


You’re still here?

Great- Here it is.

1) Business Ideas Brainstorming.

Daily, you should go to alibaba or aliexpress and look for items that you can buy low and sell high. You should also be googling for “business ideas” daily.

I keep a journal of unique business ideas that are low cost and high profit potential. In fact, I give all my bootcamp participants this.
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2) Landing page creation/tweaking

Spend 30 mins or so on creating new sales pages, funnels, and keep testing and tweaking them for improvements daily.

You’ll be shocked at how good your website are after 6 months of daily additions and improvements. This follows the Kaizen principle.

You can use, or (i sometimes use the easy to use

3) Persuasive Content Creation

Nothing is more frustrating than having to have a nice website built but has no sales, enquiries and conversions.

That’s why you must learn to write, and write persuasively. That’s a cornerstone of entrepreneurship.

Spend 30 minutes daily, writing up new content, or tweaking existing ones.

4) Talk to a fellow business owner for 30 mins daily.

It’s very important to have a supportive ear to listen and brainstorm ideas with you. Entrepreneurship can be lonely…

It’s imperative that you keep the motivation levels up- Mixing with entrepreneurs will help extensively in this. Network a few times a month. Meet new people. Offer help. Get help.

5) Test some traffic daily. My favourite remains Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

I always test offers on these 2 platforms.

All the planning in the world cannot compare to execution. You’ve got to constantly test your offers and see if people on google and Facebook are biting.

Hone your ability to close sales.

6) Always be closing. Take a few minutes to reach out and close daily.

Everyday, you have to propose something to someone.

This ensures that you always have a funnel of leads to help. A person with nothing to sell will always be stuck as an employee-

7) At the end of the day, review what went right, and what could have been improved. More importantly, review this checklist of 7 points, and see if you’ve done them all.

Now make sure you save this post, or print it out as a daily reminder.

I told you it was hard work.

But would this hard work be worth it if you’ve tripled your income in 180 days?

I thought so.