New Business Idea 2012 (This will help create jobs!)

It’s 1.12 in the morning here is Asia- And I can’t quite sleep.

You see, my problem is that when new ideas pop into my head, I can’t rest until I have put it into writing of some sort (blog posts etc)

The reason why I am so excited is because, this market is relatively untapped, and there are MANY people who would need the service. Plus, it would help MANY to find their dream jobs.


Al Ries, from the book “Positioning- The Battle For Your Mind”, mentioned that “positioning” is the single most effective weapon you can use to create enhanced perceive value, whether of your products, or of your personal branding. His book is here






In an age where getting laid off seems to be sooner rather than later, people are desperate to find jobs. Or rather, they are desperate to seem and look competent in front of potential employers.

They just don’t have a clue where to start!


Usual ways that a laid off person would try to get their dream job (or any job at all)


1) Beg with employers

2)Lie in their CVs or resumes (or make inflated claims)

3)Send a mass mailing to all employers they can find online

4)Randomly call Human Resources and asking “Is there a vacancy, by any chance?”

5)Bug all their friends and family for referrals for a job


Now, now….. All the above don’t sound pretty, do they? But job seekers invariably commit one or  more of the above while desperately looking to land a job.


What we can do to help

1)Increase the credibility of the job candidates

2)Improve the resume writing to match the expectations of the employing party

3)Create a winning personality for the candidate, and impress the employer.


How are these done?

Firstly, for credibility building, we will create a personal website for the candidate in question. The domain name should be his or her name with a .com at the end. For example, if a candidate’s name is John Cheong, he should grab the domain ASAP.

Now on this blog, or website,you want to create content which mirrors positively your knowledge, talents and personality to any prospective employers. That’s right. We all already know that employers Google EVERYTHING about you online before hiring (your Facebook, your email address, handphone number etc)

So when someone googles John Cheong, your site is up there at the top of the search listings. (Even if they don’t, simply volunteer the site information)

Within this blog, would be information that would be the “bait” for prospective employers. Let’s say for example, John is looking for a marketing and sales job.

We will then create 10 to 20 articles pertaining to marketing that John can claim ownership to. For example

How to boost profits using Google

How to retain more customers for longer term profit

How to close more sales using little known covert tactics

Why the customer is not always right

The best customer relationship management sales software (reviews)

Why companies should consider direct mail as part of their overall marketing strategyu


See my point?

The whole point is to POSITION John Cheong as an EXPERT! The articles that you have on YOUR blog, mirrors your knowledge and competency in a given field. So if John is able to PROJECT this knowledge via his blog, then prospective employers are going to choose him over other seemingly “ordinary” employees. He might also be able to leapfrog into a more senior position!

Of course, it won’t all be smoke and mirrors. John would have to attend a 7 days marketing crash course to learn all he can about the topics on his blog, in case he’s called upon to explain during the interview or implement those strategies on his blog into his workplace.


So we have got that credibility part out of the way.

Now comes the customized resume writing that will serve as the backbone of your prospecting success. Stop sending out the same CV to all employers. Stop blabbering about how good you are, about how well you’ve performed etc etc


Start reading about the background of the company that you are applying for. Read their job descriptions, and expectations, and TAILOR your resume letter to MATCH the job description and show that you understood what you are applying for. If you aren’t sure just what to write, we will coach you to write your best custom-made resumes EVER.

So by now, you should have credibility on your side, and a resume that catches the attention of your employers.

All you need to seal the deal is to create a personality that no boss can turn away from.

What do i mean? Come on, think harder.

Some of the qualities liked by employers are

1) Team work mentality

2) Taking initiative and ownership mentality towards tasks given

3) Leadership

4) Creative thinking


Etc etc- The list goes on. But to seal the deal, create blog posts SPECIFICALLY on the topics above, and show that you think “like this” or “like that”

If you write a post about “How to boost creative thinking at the workplace”, wouldnt you be seen as a creative person?

If you wrote a post about “forging team building at the workplace”, wouldn’t you be seen as a team player and an asset to companies? Get the drift?


Also, nothing beats a DVD containing 5 minutes of you speaking about yourself, and why you should be considered for the hiring position. We will coach you to make your best speech on recording yet, using technology such as teleprompters, and a green screen.

The green screen recording session will be held at our recording studio. For more information on green screens, visit this page


Of course, all these are still in the Beta version, and not for sale quite yet. If you have any questions or comments,  feel free to email us!