Should You Attend Free Seminars?

My initial gut reaction- DON’T!

But really, my view is a biased one.I have been let down far too much by seminar organisers.

You see, most seminars are really pitch fests disguised as education opportunities. And most offer rehashed information. You know, seller after seller having their 1 hour of fame to try to convince you to buy.

Or perhaps a THIN 1 hour workshop which is nothing more than a sales letter delivered from the stage platform.

I have come up with a rather simplistic formula to ascertain if you should go for any seminar.

1) The topic must be specific. It cannot be about how to get rich. It must be about how to get rich using Google Adwords, for example. The more specific, the more you are going to learn.

Keep in mind that the above point is even more pertinent if it is anything less than a full day seminar.

2)If it’s a full day seminar.

I have found that full day seminars tend to be fluff at the beginning, but then graduates to true content towards the middle. It’s this middle sweet spot that you don’t want to miss.

Caveat- Do not attend even if its a full day seminar, if again, the topic presented is too general, like “How to be Rich” (Unless you are a TOTAL newbie, in which case your money is better spent on books and DVDs anyway)

P.S: Seriously! I’d rather you spend your thousands on books by Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham etc than on seminars which are just rehashed versions of books. Whatever you want to learn, someone has written a book on it.