Use the “Shark-Remora” Method to triple your profits overnight!







Credits to Edward Green, representative of Hidden Marketing Assets system


The shark is a creature which still brings oohhs and ahhss from onlookers, whether at the marine showcase, or on Discovery Channel. There is, however, something which we can learn from the relationshop between a shark and a remora (those little fishes stuck on its back in the photo above) The remora cleans the shark, and in turn, the shark signs a “peace treaty” not to eat remoras nearby.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs don’t have enough faith in their ability to build a successful home-based business for themselves. Their greatest concern is basically this: IT COSTS MONEY TO MAKE MONEY. Unfortunately strapped for cash, many simply don’t believe they have the necessary resources to succeed. 

If you’re held back by these mistaken thoughts (or even if you DO believe you have the resources you need to succeed), you’ll want to keep reading. Because… I’m about to share insiders’ secrets with you to a PROVEN marketing strategy, one which will enable you to discover and tap into ‘hidden’ assets potentially worth thousands upon thousands of dollars. 

Introducing… Host/Beneficiary Marketing 

This marketing strategy can be ‘pure dynamite’ for you! The strategy has been described by Mike Enlow as “the fastest, easiest way on earth to make a fortune.” It has been called “Joint Ventures Marketing,” “Endorsed Offer Marketing”, and “Fusion Marketing” by its various proponents. Perhaps its greatest advocate, Jay Abraham (my mentor), has referred to this strategy as setting up a “Host/Beneficiary Relationship.” 

Here’s what’s great about this approach to marketing. It can be done with little or no financial investment, and it WORKS (producing thousands and thousands of dollars in profits for those who understand how to use it well)! 

‘In a nutshell’… these are the basics of how it’s used. 

A Host company agrees to let a Beneficiary company send a sales message to people on the Host company’s customer list. 

Though the Beneficiary usually prepares the message, it’s signed (and endorsed) by the Host. This capitalizes on the Host’s relationship with His/Her customers (Host’s valuable ‘hidden’ asset). It’s a fact… customer lists are recognized as valuable business assets by the IRS. 

For use of this list, the Beneficiary typically agrees to share a portion of the profits with the Host. Also, many times the Beneficiary will give FREE items to the Host’s customers who take advantage of the offer in the message. 

That makes it a “win-win” deal for everyone (the Beneficiary, the Host, and the Host’s customers)! 

Now let’s suppose you have a product. Expand your thinking as to what a product is (on the Internet, it could be an ebook, a piece of software, etc.

How would you go about setting up a highly profitable “Host/Beneficiary Relationship” to market that product? 

Getting Started 

Here’s a simple three-step process to get you started developing profitable Host/Beneficiary Relationships. 

1) Make a list of all the business people you know who’ve developed strong positive and trusting relationships with their customer base or client list. 

2) Examine each of these potential “Hosts” to be certain they don’t offer products that would be in competition with your own. 

3) Make your pitch. Send a one-page letter introducing your company and inviting them to consider a joint-venture proposal. Assure them your product is non-competitive, and that you’ll prepare the offer and track responses (all they’ll have to do is sign a letter to their customers which you’ll have written). Offer them a generous commission for each sale generated from their list. Also assure their customers will thank them (because you’ll be giving customers who respond a valuable FREE _____). 

A Brief Case Study is Available for You 

Theory is great! However, I’ll bet before you’re convinced this strategy really works, you’d like a specific example. 

Take this basic concept, expand upon it, and make it yours! 

In addition to ‘standard’ businesses, it will work for nearly every business you represent. It has both online and off-line applications that work, regardless of the type of business. 

So go ahead. Use your Host’s ‘hidden’ assets to build a profitable business and multiply the profits for you both! [By-the-way… if you own a ‘Host’ business, you might want to consider all the ways this terrific strategy can work ‘in reverse’ for YOUR hidden assets


Here are some examples to help me illustrate the “shark-remora” mutually beneficial relationship with other business owners, credits also to Brenda

Example 1

1)You are a massage therapist – you provide a local dentist with
vouchers for a complementary neck massage to pass on to their client. Once again a WIN all around when they happy clients come back for another massage.  And they will certainly be talking about that dentist!

Example 2


2) You are a real estate agent.  You arrange with local businesses to
provide you with gift vouchers that you can pass on to new home owners – these can include restaurant vouchers, a gift voucher for a local mechanic a complementary lawn mowing or pool clean.  Whatever works for you and for the new owner of the house you have just sold.


Example 3


3) You are a naturopath  – you arrange with a local health food store
to provide their clients with a free initial allergy assessment.  The health food store is able to provide added value to their clients at no charge.
You benefit when some of those clients decide to continue with your services.


Example 4


4)You are a gym – you arrange with a local bicycle shop to provide you with at cost or below bicycles to include in your gym memberships over a limited period of time. The gym benefits by selling more memberships.  They bicycle shop benefits both from the exposure during the gym’s promotion and from the return business from the customers who received the bicycles.


To obtain help for how you could apply this to your business, simply shoot me a quick email to me or my personal assistant, and I’ll be happy to help you out.