What Customers Really Want









Daniel Starch, one of the world’s leading advertising/marketing psychologists, revealed an earth shattering truth- He showed how, over many of years, advertisers were simply throwing good money after bad, in trying to advertise their products or services.

Basically, what Daniel was saying was that advertisers at that time had NO CLUE what it takes to create truly great, effective advertisements or marketing material.

Definition of effective marketing/advertising

Before I even go ahead and tell the rest of the story, let’s define “effective marketing”

Effective Marketing refers to a system, or set of efforts someone can take in order to get the best financial response (i.e profits) for their efforts.

For example, if you wish to send out direct mail to your prospects, it how MUCH PROFIT that you stand to get from that mailing that will be the benchmark for its success.

Not how “nice” the envelopes look

Not how many awards the design won

Not how many customers complimented you on how clever you were.


How much bloody profits you made as a result of that mailing. 

The goal of a business owner should not be about how well liked he is by his employees, or customers. His goal is to make as much money as possible for himself, his loved ones and his family.

How to Instantly Increase your profits using Effective Marketing

This post is way too short for me to explain in detail how to use Effective Marketing. But consider this post your first lesson in attaining the tools and knowledge necessary to do so. The secret is…

Knowing exactly what your customers want. Previously, (and today still) too many advertisers and marketers were self absorbed in their wonderful products, their services, their offerings. So their marketing revolved around telling prospects how big their factory was, how many employees they had, how many years they ‘d been in busienss for, yada yada yada yada.

Now THAT isn’t what customers want to know. They don’t even want to know what you had for breakfast. (You aren’t a celebrity, at least not yet)

What these people want to know is- What would your products or services do for THEM?

Would it make their lives easier? Accomplish more? Be more happy? Find eternal love and hope? Ease their pain or suffering? Abolish all their fears? Live a longer, healthier and more fulfilling life? These are the things your prospects want to know.

I’ll show you how you can use the foundational principles of buyer psychology to help boost your sales curve in a few short months. But first, you have to know the 8 most foundational desires of our human race. (This applies only if you are selling to the human species, skip if otherwise)

8 desires that will make you rich

1)Sexual companionship

2)Survival, enjoyment of life, and prolonging of life

3)Freedon from pain, fear and danger

4)Enjoyable consumption of food and beverages

5)Comfortable living conditions

6)To be superior and to win

7)Care and protection of loved ones

8)Social approval


Lets see which current products/services in the market satiates the above desires


1)Sexual companionship (social escorts, mail order bride agencies)

2)Survival, enjoyment of life, and prolonging of life (nutritional and health products, fire extnguishers)

3)Freedon from pain, fear and danger (pain killers, self defense classes, bullet proof cars)

4)Enjoyable consumption of food and beverages (think of restaurants)

5)Comfortable living conditions (interior designers)

6)To be superior and to win (better soccer boots, tennis rackets, better golf swing DVD)

7)Care and protection of loved ones (life insurance plans)

8)Social approval (landscapers, car dealers)


The purpose of this post is singular- For you to recognise the different desires most wanted by your prospects, and recognise what is it that they are looking for, so that you may craft your marketing or advertising materials to suit their wants.

In future posts, I will delve further into the topic of using buyer psychology to increase sales AND profits.