Why Google Pay Per Click advertising represents the future for YOUR Business








Google Advertising- Leveraging Google for massive business marketing opportunities


For an increasing number of businesses and startups, Google is Marketing God.

The proof is in the pudding. Look at how fast Google has grown in terms of revenue and size.

The main revenue for Google is through… You guessed it! Its pay per click advertising platform.

More and more business owners are signing up and using it to instantly boost exposure to whatever services and products they are selling, me included.

I have run an online arts auction house, a sports coaching firm, a tuition centre company and also recently a framing shop business.

The success I have gotten via google’s advertising platform is phenomenal. I have run a campaign for a client, who have been running a framing shop for more than 30 years in Singapore. The truth is that, devoid of a marketing campaign, their business has been a reflection of the economic climate. (Good times= Good business, Bad times = Horrible business)


All I did was put up a website for them, and chose suitable keywords for their business and got it listed on Google overnight using their Adwords program. Literally overnight, their business DOUBLED.


How does this work? Sounds like rocket science? Let me explain below


What is Google Adwords PPC?

1) Google Adwords is simply an advertising platform used by business owners to help consumers who are searching for products/services on google to find them. For example, if you were looking for an interior designer, you would simply type into Google search bar “Interior Designers” or something along that line. The advertisers would then be “featured” at the top and sides of the web page prominently so that potential customers would click on them.

Of course, Google would bill you for each click that brings the customer to your website. The cost of each click varies, and the more this keyword is coveted by your competitors in the same industry, and the more they bid for each click, the more costly it will be for you and for them.

However, there are other factors determining the cost per click, other than outright bids. This includes how relevant your website it, how long the customers usually stick around on your site etc.

For the purpose of this article though, I will not go into details.

2) How is Adwords suitable for me?

Imagine being able to put your products and services in front of millions of potential consumers overnight. Literally overnight. And not just any Tom, Dick or Harry.

Your advertisements would be seen ONLY by those who GOOGLED for it, meaning to say that you will be getting TARGETED web visitors and people who are READY TO BUY.

Someone who searched “Interior Designers” on google, and clicks on your interior designer website, will more than likely be looking for a designer for his home right now.

3)Can you explain again in a nutshell how Google can help me double my business growth quickly?


First, you put up advertisements, which when are clicked, bring customers to your website.

Your website then provides more information and primes the customers into a ready-to-buy mode, so when they pick up the phone to call, they are just about ready to buy from you.

Adwords simply increases the number of people who come to your website.

Mathematically, i explain it below


In the past, before the internet age, you relied on word of mouth and walk in customers.

Let’s say back then, you had 200 calls and enquiries per month. Out of those 200 enquiries, 100 decide to purchase. This means you have a 50% “conversion rate”

Now, after advertising on Google, you have 1000 calls and enquiries a month. (5 times more)

Let’s assume your conversion rate is still at 50%.

50% of 1000 calls is 500 customers who purchased.


Google helps you to get more eyeballs to your business and increases awareness to your product and services. If you get 5 times more exposure, ceteris paribus, you should also get 5 times the number of customers after using Adwords.

I always prescribe adwords to customers who are still sitting on the fence and wasting their money on untargeted flyer distributing, letterbox drops and billboard advertising.

In a future post, I will compare Google Vs Facebook advertising.


If anyone needs help with Google advertising, feel free to email or call me at the contact page.


Till then, enjoy your weekend!